Myriam Meloni is a french-italian photographer currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Originally trained as a lawyer at the University of Bologna, and specialized in criminology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she approaches to photography completing the three-years-course in Photographic Institute of Catalonia. After moving to Argentina, she specializes in documentary photography and she start to collaborate with national newspapers and international NGOs.
She has been focusing her work on socials contemporary issues, with a very intimate approach, using everyday life of our society to discuss more general’s thematics. Her first documentary work "Fragile", on crack abuse among adolescents in Argentina, has been recognized as cultural patrimony of the Argentinian Republic.
Since then, she was candidate for the Joop Swart Masterclass in the World Press Photo and was nominated for the Prix Pictet. Her work received several international grants: the Sony award in Arts & Culture, the Picture of the Year Latin America, the Firecracker grant for European women photographers, and the FINI grant for international Photography in Mexico.
Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and exhibited internationally. She is represented by the French agency Picturetank and collaborator for the International New York Times.


Upcoming, Solo exhibition "Behind the Absence", Docfield, Barcelona, May 2016.

Exhibition Collective, Renaissance Photography Prize, Getty Image Gallery, London,Nov 2015.
Exhibition Collective," Limbo" Organ Vida Festival Septiembre 2015, Zagreb.
Screening, Festival Images Singulières, May, Sète, France
Exhibition Collective, Bifoto Festival, Italy, June 2015.
Exhibition Collective, Yangon Photo Festival, Birmania, February 2015.

Solo Exhibition “Fragile”, Centro de Fotografia de Montevideo (CDF), November, Uruguay,
Exhibition Collective, Perugia Social Photofestival, October, Perugia, Italy
Exhibition Collective, Nago-Torbole Photofestival, September, Nagore Torbole, Italy
Exhibition Collective, Galerie Galeri Huit , July , Arles, France
Digital presentation, "La nuit de l'année", July , Les Rencontre de Arles, Arles, France
Exhibition Collective, Liverpool SWPA Exhibition, June, Liverpool, UK
Exhibition Collective, Festival Internacional de la Imagen,Universidad Autónoma de Mexico.
Exhibition Collective: “Behind the Absence”, Somerset House, May, London, Uk.

Exhibition Collective, ART Chennai, Chennai, India, November 2013.
Exhibition Collective, New Delhi PhotoFestival, India, October 2013.
Exhibition Collective, Encontros da imagem, September 2013, Braga,
Exhibition Collective: Paraty em Foco, September 2013, Paraty, Brasil.
Exhibition Collective: “The Limousine project”, Somerset House, Abril 2013, London, Uk.

Solo Exhibition: “Fragile”, Fine Arts Museum, Tucumán, Argentina.
Exhibition Collective: ART BASEL 2012, Carousel Studios, Miami, USA.
Exhibition Collective: International Book Fair, Lima, Perú.
Solo Exhibition: “Fragile”, Parliament of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Exhibition Collective: Paraty em Foco, Party, Brasil.
Exhibition Collective: Palais des Glaces, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2011 Exhibition Collective: “Peso y Levedad”, Photoespaña, Madrid, Spain.
Exhibition Collective: “Gli scatti della crisi”, Officine Fotografiche, Roma, Italy.
Solo Exhibition “Fragile”, San Martin Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Exhibition Collective “Human rights”Manzana de las Luces, Buenos Aires,

Nominations and Grants

2015: Winner First prize, Poy Latam, Daily Life category
2014: Finalist “Manuel Rivera Ortiz Found for Documentary Photography
2014: Finalist in the CDS Documentary Essay Prize in Photography of the Duke University
2014 Sony Award: Winner First Prize Life Style category
2014 Fini International Awards: Winner photography category
2013 Sony Award: Winner First Prize Arts and Culture category
2013 Nomination for Prix Pictet “Consumption”
2013 Firecracker grant for European Women Photographer, second prize.
2013 Short-listed for the Emerging Photography Found for Burn Magazine
2013 Finalist Ojo de Pez grant for Human Value
2012 Lens scholarship, Spain
2012 Best portfolio Award, in the 4th Biennial of Photography Documentary, Argentina.
2012 Widephoto Contest, second place, Italy
2011 Nomination for Joop Swart Masterclass, WPP
2011 Selected for Transatlantica Photoespaña
2009 Nomination for Canon prize for Unique Photography